Branch History

AAUW Las Vegas

AAUW Las Vegas has a rich history of community involvement and development of our local branch and leaders. Please explore this website to learn more about these great women. Below is information about our meetings and some local history.

Of course, we have the national history of AAUW that spans into the 1800’s. Here in Las Vegas, our branch was formally organized in 1940. If there was a community program or improvement, AAUW Branch leaders and members were involved and still lead in community outreach across the valley.

Find out about AAUW Las Vegas members, current and past leaders. We have links to video interviews and stories that reference their work.

This is the link to information about past meetings and events.

Local History

Helen J. Stewart
Helen J. Stewart is an honorary member of AAUW Las Vegas and is considered the First Lady of Las Vegas. She sold over 1800 acres of her land to the railroad in 1902 and the land sale in 1905 boosted the pioneer town into the modern city of Las Vegas. She was the first woman to serve on a jury, first woman elected to the school board, founding member of Christ Episcopal Church, charter member of the Mesquite Club, a ladies civic organization, first post master of Las Vegas, and the first president of the Nevada Historical Society. AAUWLV member, Dr. Linda Miller, brings this history to life by performing her impression of Helen J. Stewart at events, such as the dedication of the statue honoring Helen J. Stewart. The following links tell more about this great pioneer and Dr. Miller. Helen J Stewart flyer, Examining Primary Sources About Helen Stewart, Chinese news.Helen J Stewart, Helen Stewart Statue Dedication AAUW, Helen Stewart Statue Post press release, Old Mormon Fort, LV Review Journal