Mentoring Today for Success Tomorrow

Areas of Goal Setting, Resume Writing, and Presentation Skills are shared with college juniors and seniors by experienced AAUW members as students prepare to transition into a very competitive work force.  Ideally, this will give them the “edge” when interviewing.

At our AAUW Las Vegas board meeting in August, 2010, we were looking for some way to help our scholarship winners as well as other female college students who would be approaching entering the work force.  Upon discussion, we decided that our members held a wealth of knowledge and experience that we could impart.

With the economy offering bleak offerings for jobs, we were looking for common sense ways that would not be covered in college classes, but that were needed.  Thus, we came up with the idea of mentoring.

We took this idea to our membership at a monthly meeting.  We asked them to share a special mentor in their lives, and how they had impacted their careers.  Everyone in the room had a story to share.

We then asked members to tell us areas of expertise they could share.  Also, what areas they thought would be valuable for graduating students.  We accrued a long list of possible subjects.

At the same time, our student member, Bre Davies, met with other university students and asked them what they needed help with and how they would be willing to work with AAUW Las Vegas members.

The AAUW Las Vegas Mentoring Committee decided on three major topics:  Goal Setting, Resume Writing, and Presentation Skills.  In the second year, we are also addressing groups of students regarding specific careers they may wish to enter in which we have seasoned professionals who can advise them.

In the initial year, there was only time to do one-on-one mentoring.  However, we anticipate working more closely with the higher learning institutes in possibly offering classes on their campus.


Many students need help in choosing the proper classes for their career field as well as the best experiences for their resumes.

This involves looking over the student’s curriculum selections, as well as college involvement and outside interests. We meet with students in group settings and one-on-one at a campus coffee shop or the student union building to listen to them and learn how we can assist them.


First impressions are important, and many times your resume is the first impression an potential employer sees.  Thus, we wanted to stress the following areas for today’s resumes:

    • Complete, but concise
    • Highly eye-pleasing
    • Choosing proper paper
    • How to provide an electronic resume


For presentation skills, we strove to stress the following areas:

    • Hygiene
    • Proper attire
    • Good posture
    • Arriving on time
    • Having all necessary paperwork
    • Researching the organization before the interview